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Refuge RPG

In an era of rules-light RPGs, the Refuge RPG is an new take on old-school crunch. While at its core a derivative of the d20 system (the Refuge RPG's key roll is 1d10 + skill + attribute modifier), the Refuge RPG system is not a traditional "fantasy heartbreaker."

The system's entire architecture has been rebuilt from the ground up. Everything in the system, from skills to character traits to combat dynamics, flows down from the six core attributes.

  1. These six attributes are:
    • Dexterity, hand-eye coordination and manual dexterity.
    • Agility, speed and grace.
    • Constitution, physical strength and endurance.
    • Intelligence, strength of intellect and will.
    • Perception, acuity of senses and intuition.
    • Charisma, force of personality and likeability.
  2. Each of these has its own class:
    • Soldier (DEX)
    • Scout (AGI)
    • Support (CON)
    • Techie (INT)
    • Spacer (PER)
    • Ambassador (CHA)
  3. a dependent score:
    • Abilities, offering a variety of combat manuevers.
    • Action Points, dictating the number of actions a character can take in combat.
    • Hit Points, dictating the amount of physical trauma a character can sustain.
    • Skills, a character's aptitude in various fields.
    • Traits are characterization-related 'quirks' that often confer passive bonuses.
    • Assistance confers bonuses to skill rolls based on proximity to assisting friendlies, making teamwork a very important component.
  4. a skill group:
    • Combat Skills, the skills of violence and war-making.
    • Finesse Skills, the skills of grace and deftness.
    • Fitness Skills, the skills of conditioning and strength.
    • Intellectual Skills, the skills of technology and knowledge.
    • Environmental Skills, the skills of survival.
    • Social Skills, the skills of communication and manipulation.
  5. and a "universal skill" available to all characters from each skill group:
      Aim, a character’s ability to line up shots with firearms and energy weapons.
    • Dodge, getting out of the way.
    • Fortitude, surviving critical damage.
    • Willpower, withstanding external influence and managing one’s emotions.
    • Awareness, acuity of senses and intiution.
    • Persuade, the ability to convince someone to see your point of view.

That's it. That's the whole system. No BaBs, no THAC0s, no saving throws, no fate points. Everything is done with a skill or an attribute roll, and everything can be tied back to one of the six attributes.

That's the beauty of the Refuge RPG.

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