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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Progress for 7/25/13 - Combat Revamp

Nothing too extreme, but things have been mixed up a little.

Maire Jensen (Scout 5) is in a spot of trouble. Trapped behind a heavy shipping crate in a hostile hangar full of stimrunning thugs and armed only with her trusty E&S GC40 carbine, things don’t look good. How’d we get here?

Turn One - Enemy Soldier

An enemy Soldier ten meters away had tossed a grenade her way, rolling a 16 (8 + Demolitions 7 + Dexterity modifier 1) on his Demolitions roll (he required a 20). He wildly misjudged the distance he needed to throw, and missed by four meters. Rolling a d8, he determined the grenade soared well past her. Oops. Maire easily succeeded on her DS 10 perception roll to notice the grenade flying past, and earned a reflex action. (Half of her 14 AP = 7 AP.)

Reflex Action - Maire

She used those 7 AP to sprint another three meters out of the blast radius - grenades are dangerous, even nine meters away - behind the shipping craft. And that’s when they brought out the big guns. An enemy Support, armed with a light machine gun, brought his sights to bear and let out a tear of suppressive fire.

Turn Two - Enemy Support

He rolled a 8 on his d10 and adds Aim 7, Dexterity modifier -1 and takes a -4 aim penalty for his LMG, for a total of 10. Maire, standing behind the chest-high crate, receives a +3 bonus to Dodge. With a Dodge 7 and a Agility modifier +3, she won’t be hit by the thug (any score on her d10 would allow her to dodge) and does not have to roll. Maire is (safely) pinned behind the crate. So that’s how we got there. What happens next?

Turn Three - Maire

Bullets spray into the heavy crate. Maire opts to put a couple rounds into the machine gunner with her carbine. But first she’ll have to muster up the willpower to get out of cover. Rolling a 6 on her d10, adding Willpower 6 and Intelligence modifier 0, she manages a 12, jumps up and (with a Dodge roll of at least 10) dodges the bullets clattering toward her by default.

She aims for a second (-2 AP, +2 modifier), compensating for the base accuracy penalty of the carbine, and carefully squeezes off a shot (-7 cumulative AP). She rolls a 6, adds her Aim +8 and Dexterity modifier +0 for a total attack roll of 14.

The enemy Support is a slow, lumbering fellow. He rolls a 5, adds Dodge 3 and -1 Agility modifier for a total of 7. As her Aim roll exceeded the defender’s Dodge roll by her weapon’s spread score, she earns another hit and rolls twice for hit location: 3, 10 - right leg, head.

The carbine does 4d10 damage; Maire rolls 6+8+3+7 for 24 damage on the first hit and 7+4+5+3 for 19 damage on the second. Despite a +12 reduction of Ballistic damage for his armor, he takes 12 damage on the shot to the arm and 14 damage on the second shot to the head (damage to the head is doubled). His armor takes a -1 penalty to its Ballistic protection.

Before subtracting damage from HP, we must roll to see if he suffered a critical hit. Both exceeding his Constitution score, he’s forced to roll for Endurance. He rolls 7 + Fortitude 4 + Constitution modifier +2 - 13 total, avoiding critical damage on both the hit to the chest but taking 1 point of Attribute damage to Constitution, Intelligence, Perception and Charisma for the head wound. His total HP drops by one to 26.

Subtracting 26 damage across the two attacks, he is dropped to zero HP and slumps to the ground, blood pouring from the holes in his flak jacket and a last spray of bullets chattering in the hangar. Maire finishes her turn with a drop to a crouch - 2 AP - back behind the crate.

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